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7 Northampton Road, Market Harborough
Home Entertaining

We can deliver your perfect home based event. Our catering supply service offers the ideal solution for every occasion.

We are able to supply a full buffet (either finger food or fork buffet) together with all crockery and cutlery you may require. Alternatively we are able to supply individual menu dishes to compliment your own menu; Home Made Soups to Elaborate Hors D’Oeuvres Dishes, Hot and Cold Main Courses; Countless Varieties of Salads; A Wide Range of Puddings and Desserts. We can also prepare a large range of cocktail foods and decorated canapés.

We are also able to arrange to deliver your order, at a time that is both convenient to you and at the same time allows the food to arrive in the best of condition.

Home Entertaining Menus

£11.25 per head

A Selection of Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Asparagus Spears rolled in Granary Bread
Egg and Cress Bridge Rolls
Sultana Scones and Tiptree Preserves
Dundee Cake
Baby Fresh Cream Chocolate Éclairs

£13.50 per head

A Selection of Afternoon Tea Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Home Made Scones with Fresh Cream and Strawberries
A Selection of Small Pastries, Flapjack and Carrot Cake

£13.95 per head

Smoked Salmon Canapés
Asparagus rolled with Parma Ham
Selection of Canapé Barquettes
Quail Egg Canapés
Chicken and Ham Vol au Vents
Devils on Horseback
Cocktail Cumberland Sausages with Mustard Dip
Cheese Straws
A Selection of Small Pastries, Flapjack and Carrot Cake

Please also see our Full list of Canapés, further down this page

£12.95 per head

A Selection of Finger Sandwiches
A variety of Open Bridge Rolls
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Slices of Vegetable Quiche
Home made Pork Pie
Cheese Straws
Baby Fresh Cream Pastries

£14.75 per head

A Selection of Finger Sandwiches
Cheese Scones with Cream Cheese and Chive
Chicken Goujons with Watercress Mayonnaise
Scotch Eggs
Goats Cheese and Pesto Turnovers
Baskets of Cheese Straws & Potato Crisps
A Selection of Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Baby Fresh Cream Cakes and Pastries

£13.50 per head

A Selection of Finger Sandwiches
Mushroom Vol Au Vents
Smoked Cheese / Grape / Tomato Kebabs
Cocktail Sausages And Mustard Dip
Cheese Straws
A Selection of Cakes and Pastries

£15.95 per head

A Selection of Finger Sandwiches
Open Smoked Salmon and Prawn Sandwiches
Slices of Vegetable Quiche
Cocktail Cumberland Sausages with Mustard Dip
Cheese and Bacon Turnovers
Vegetable Spring Rolls with Chilli Dip
A Selection of Fresh Cream and Fancy Cakes.

£21.50 per head

Supreme of Chicken in a Coronation Style Sauce
Cornets of Honey Roasted Ham
Mixed Salad Leaves
Tomato, Pasta and Italian Vegetable Salad
Waldorf Salad
Rice Salad
A Selection of Rolls and Butter
Chocolate Roulade
Fresh Strawberry Pavlova

FORK BUFFET MENU 3   £25.95 per head

Fresh Salmon on a Nicoise Salad
Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Mediterranean Vegetable Lattice Bake
Coleslaw Salad
Mixed Bean Salad with a Honey and Mustard Dressing
Tomato Salad, Feta and Olives
Rolls and Butter
Fresh Fruit Salad with Brandy Snap Baskets
Chocolate Profiteroles

£26.50 per head

Hot Main course
A choice of:
Beef Bourguignon, garnished with Button Mushrooms and Shallots
Chicken Supreme in a Lemon and Tarragon Sauce, garnished with Fresh Asparagus Spears
Seasonal Vegetables
Dauphinoise Potatoes
Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce
Fresh Oranges in a Cointreau and Caramel Sauce

£23.95 per head

A Selection of Carved Meats
(Roast Turkey, Roast Topside of Beef, Ham From the Bone)
Fresh Asparagus Quiche
Mixed Salad Leaves
Coleslaw with Gruyere Cheese
Cous Cous Salad
Tomato and Pasta Salad
Finger Rolls and Butter or Herb and Garlic Bread
Peach Melba Meringue Roulade
Apricot and Almond Tart

£24.50 per head

Hot Main Course
Supreme of Chicken, coated in Smoked Bacon, Herbs and Parmesan (Served with a Provencal sauce)
A Selection of Mixed Seasonal Salads
Boulangere Style Potatoes
Granary Knot Rolls
Chocolate Fudge Gateau, with Morello Cherries and Fresh Cream
Banoffe Pie

£23.95 per head

Hot Main Course
Lasagne al Forne
Salmon and Prawn Mornay
Chicken Forestiere A Selection of Seasonal Salads
Herb and Garlic Bread (to serve warm)
Apricot and Almond Bakewell Tart
Meringue Boats with Fresh Fruits

Our Canapés are supplied on returnable dishes.

To Serve Cold
Smoked Salmon on Brown Bread with Dill & Créme Fraiche – £10.50 per 10
Gravadlax Pinwheels – £12.00 per 10
Fresh Asparagus Rolled in Parma Ham – £10.50 per 10
Fresh Asparagus in Granary Bread – £9.00 per 10
Fingers of Honeydew Melon wrapped in Parma Ham – £9.50 per 10
Selection of vegetable Crudite with Choice of Dips – £22.00 per salver
Game Pate en Croute – £10.50 per 10 slices
Whole Quail Eggs with Celery Salt – £9.50 per 12
Canapé Cases with Selection of Fillings; meat, fish, vegetable – £10.50
Cocktail Blinis with Assorted Toppings – £10.50 per 10
(Guacamole, Matie Herrings, Tiger Prawns, Smoked Trout, Humous etc.)
Chicken Satay Sticks with Chilli Dip – £11.00 per 10
Kebabs of Smoked Cheese,Grape and Cherry Tomatoes – £9.50 per 10
Cherry Tomatoes stuffed with Crab, Guacamole or variation – £9.50 per 10
Prawn, Cucumber and Hollandaise Barquettes – £10.50 per 10
Selection of Tiny Quiches – £10.00 per 10
Smoked Trout and Horseradish savouries – £11.50 per 10
Baby Pizzas; choice of Toppings – £8.50 per 10
Olive and Anchovy Tartlets – £10.50 per 10
Cheese Straws £11.50
Leek and Roquefort Tartlets – £10.50 per 10
Tortilla Crackers with Salsa and Guacamole Dips – £9.50 per salver
Kebabs of Sunblush Tomato, melon and Parma Ham – £12.50 per 10
Plates of Italian Antipasti (Approx 30/40 items) – £28.50 per plate
Fresh Asparagus Spears with Hollandaise Dip – £9.50 per 10
Cheese Scones with Roule Cheese – £9.00 per 10
Tiger Prawn Canapés – £13.50 per 10
Toasted Croute with Smoked Duck Breast and Onion Confit – £13.00 per 10
Prawn Cocktails – £11.50 per 10
Chicken Caesar Salads in Fillo Pastry Case – £12.00 per 10
Fresh Salmon Nicoise Salad Barquettes – £13.00 per 10

Please Note – All items subject to availability

Our Canapés are supplied on returnable dishes.

To Serve Hot

Chipolata Sausages with Mustard Dip (Approx 40/50 sausages) – £16.50 per kilo
Chipolata Sausages with Honey & Thyme Glaze (Approx 40/50 sausages) – £16.50 per kilo
Chicken Goujons with Watercress Mayonnaise Dip (Approx. 10 pieces per chicken breast) – £9.00 per Breast
Prawn and Ginger Won Tons – £11.50 per 10
Devils on Horseback – £10.50 per 10
Vol au Vents (Smoked Turkey,Chicken & Ham, Mushroom) – £10.50 per 10
Smoked Haddock and Bacon Mornay Tartlets – £11.50 per 10
Crostini with Various Garnishes – £10.95 per 10
Toulouse Style Sausages wrapped in Smoked Bacon – £10.50 per 10
Vegetable or Duck Spring Rolls with Spicy / Mango Dip – £9.00 per 10
Tiny Quiches (Various Fillings) – £10.00 per 10
Welsh Rarebit Fondue with Toasted Croutes to dip – £9.00 per 10
Wholetail Scampi with Tartare Sauce – £12.00 per 10
Mini New Potato Jackets with Pecorino and Parma Ham – £11.95 per 10
Baby Meatball with a Spicy Tomato Sauce – £12.50 per 10

Please Note – All items subject to availability

Please note several of these require last minute cooking and assembling prior to serving.

Sausage and Mash  – £11.95 per 10  (min 30)
King Prawns in tempura Batter with Sweet Chilli Sauce  – £13.00 per 10 (min 30)
Individual Fish Pie – £11.95 per 10  (min 30)
Individual Shepherd’s Pie Canapes – £12.95 per 10 (min 20)
Roast Beef (Rare) with Yorkshire Puddings – £15.00 per 10 (min 30)
Fish ‘n’ Chips in paper cones – £15.00 per 10 (min 20)
Sticky Chicken and Sausage Kebabs – £13.00  (min 20)
Fillet of Beef (rare) on Toasted Brioche – £20.00 per 10 (min 30)
Mini Cheeseburgers – £13.50 per 10 (min 20)
Spicy Meat Balls with Tomato Salsa – £12.50 per 10 (min 30)
Chorizo Croquettes 
- £14.50 per 10  (min 20)
Luxury Mini Sandwiches (Gravadlax, Prawn, Lobster, Rare Beef)  – £5 per 6 mini sandwiches
Mini Bowls of; Beef Bourguignone, Lamb Tagine, Mushroom Risotto  – £4.50 each serving

Served either as a selection or as individual choices:

Mini Tarte Citron
Mini Tarte au Chocolat
Continental Style Macarons
Banoffee Pie
Chocolate Brownie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Marzipan Fruits

Range between £1.50 and £3.50 each


Whole Fish available from 2.5-4 kilo in weight.
Cooked whole, skinned ready for serving on a returnable dish.
Market Price

Individual Portions garnished with Lettuce, Lemon etc. Main Course.
Market Price
Smaller portions available to order by individual quotation.

Watercress Roulade filled with Fresh Salmon, Prawns and Dill Mayonnaise
Minimum 10 portions. £7.50 per portion
Whole Roulades for slicing yourself any size made to order.

JOINTS OF MEATS (all cooked to order)

Ham from the Bone   £28.00 kilo

Honey Roasted Ham Joints, any size from 2-6 kilo. £28.00 kilo

Cooked Turkey Breast, approx. 3 kilo £22.00 kilo

Whole Turkeys, (any size from 5-10kilo) £14.50 kilo

Roast Leg of Pork (with or without stuffing), Whole 5 kilo, Half 3 kilo, £19.00 kilo

Roast Loin of Pork with an Apricot and Sage Stuffing, from 2 kilo, £20.50 kilo

Roast Topside of Beef, (Joints from 2 kilos upwards) £22.00 kilo

Roast Sirloin of Beef, (Joints from 2 kilos upwards) £38.50 kilo

Meats can be ready sliced if preferred.

Pies and Quiches

Pork Pies. 1lb, 2lb, 3lb
Chicken and Ham Pies
Game Pies

Party size Quiches, (10″ diameter, 8 main course portions)
20 plus finger food portions, £20.00 to £25.00
Fillings available include; Traditional Lorraine, Chicken and Mushroom, Prawn and Asparagus, Parma Ham and Avocado, Mixed Vegetable, Watercress and Cottage Cheese, Sunblush Tomato, Olive, Goats Cheese and pesto

Mediterranean Vegetable Lattice Bake.
Tomatoes, Red and Green Peppers, Courgettes, Aubergines etc. in a Tomato Sauce wrapped in Puff Pastry
10″ Round £22.50 


Chicken Coronation.
Chicken and Mango Salad
Chicken Salad with Tarragon, lemon and Grapes
Nicoise Salad, with either Tuna, Fresh Salmon, Loch Fyne Rost Salmon or Purely Vegetarian with extra Green Beans, Olives etc.
Caesar Salad with either Chargrilled Chicken, Smoked Turkey or Purely Vegetarian with extra Parmesan and Hardboiled Eggs.
Prawns and Avocado on a Dressed Green Salad.
Smoked Turkey, Bacon and Avocado on a Dressed Salad.
Chilli Spiced Chicken Goujons on a Dressed Salad.
Slices of Smoked Chicken and Crispy Bacon on a Dressed Salad
Stilton, Avocado and Parma Ham on a Dressed Salad.

Main course portions cost from £6.50. Minimum order of 8 portions. These dishes are ideal as part of a larger Buffet Selection.

Bowls of Salads

(All home made to order)
These can be supplied in non-returnable containers or set out and garnished in returnable salad bowls.

Tomato with Green Beans, Olives and Feta
Tomato with Avocado
Pasta Salad
Rice Salad (several varieties available)
Mixed Bean Salad with a Honey and Mustard Dressing
Cous Cous Salad with Roasted Vegetables
Potato Salad (several varieties available)


The following desserts are all made to order and will require 2 / 3 days notice.

Raspberry and Almond Frangipan Tart
Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Fudge Roulade
Chocolate and Strawberry Roulade
Peach Melba Meringue Roulade
Fresh Raspberry Pavlova
Fresh Fruit Salad
Fresh Summer Berries
Fresh Strawberries and Cream
Chocolate Fudge and Morello Cherry Gateau
Banoffi Pie
Normandy Apple Tart
Apple Strudel
Lemon and Sultana Cheesecake
Glazed Fresh Fruit and Créme Patisserie Tart
Lemon Meringue Pie

Treacle Tart
Bakewell Tart
Fresh Orange Slices in a Caramel and Amaretto Syrup
Tarte au Citron
Tarte au Chocolat
Blackforest Gateau
Raspberry and Ratafia Torte
Strawberry Mille Feuille
Pear and Chocolate Tart
Pear Frangipan Tart
Individual Chocolate Mousse
Individual Coffee Mousse
Summer Puddings. (Large or Individual, Pyramid or Traditional)
Trifle (Traditional or Raspberry and Amaretto)
Fruit Crumbles
Pear Charlotte
Cherry Clafoutis

All desserts are in the price range of £3.75 to £7.50 per portion. Please note – Other Desserts are available on request.
We are also able to offer Duo and Trio Plated Selections

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